Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cute Things She Does (Gum)

I got some giant Costco packs of Trident gum. I've always liked Trident gum. It cleans your teeth supposedly, plus unlike some gum it doesn't lose it's flavor after an intense 3 second sugar attack that leaves you halfway to diabetes.

Since I returned from America I've been chewing my Trident gum on a fairly regular basis.

Lilly loves feeding me. So I've been letting her feed me the gum after I unwrap it. Yesterday, I forgot. I unwrapped a piece of gum and popped it in my mouth while holding Lilly. She began to wail. I didn't know what was wrong. I tried to engage her to make her stop crying, but to no avail.

She does this thing now where she points in the direction she wants me to walk (when I'm carrying her), and says, "Go." So she steered back to where the gum was. Then she grabbed the entire pack and stuffed my face with piece after piece of unwrapped trident gum. Then she was happy...

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